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BMC Marketing Sdn Bhd

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BMC Marketing Sdn Bhd as an industry leader in fiber cement, Conwood proudly introduces innovative construction materials that are produced through the implementation of green technology from Switzerland. Conwood fully embraces its sustainable development concept by using eco-friendly manufacturing processes along with non-toxic and non-hazardous substances to create safe products for health and the environment for instance.

The world filled with the green color of trees and clean air inspires Conwood to uphold its obligation to develop, produce, and introduce a complete range of ‘innovative’ and high-quality wood replacement construction materials. Less consumption of natural wood in the construction world can thus significantly reduce the rate of deforestation.

“Conwood” dedicates itself in providing collaboration and support for every type of construction project that is eco-friendly and makes the world a greener place.

Using green technology from Switzerland, Conwood was Thailand’s first asbestos-free wood replacement construction brand. Portland cement, cellulose fiber, and asbestos-free composites are combined to create the distinguished products that are beautiful and more durable than real wood, termite free, fire-resistant, and lightweight, but have the same qualities as natural wood.

Conwood products can be used as a substitute for wood for home and building projects in a variety of applications such as eaves, ceilings, walls, flooring, fencing as well as decorative functions.

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BMC Marketing Sdn Bhd is located in Puchong specialized and good in Acoustical Ceilings.

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