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Amplus Kitchen Sdn Bhd

Co.Registration No: 1201673-K


At Amplus Kitchen Sdn Bhd, we make every effort to provide the quality products from the production line to finish line by giving the professional services with our experience and skillfulness in the Custom Made Cabinet Industry to achieve the great value of products in both residential and commercial.

Our Kitchen Cabinet & Wardrobe designs are practical and functional, incorporating innovative ideas in space solutions. Every job will be handled professionally at all times.

Quality Kitchen Cabinet

We have a passion for Quality, Sustainable Material, Creative Design & Workmanship that bring comfort and satisfaction to our customers. At Amplus Kitchen, we feel the obligation to deliver the best products and services to our customers so that you can have hassle-free.

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Amplus Kitchen Sdn Bhd is located in Puchong specialized and good in Kitchen Cabinet.

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